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  • Dan Shearer

    Dan Shearer

    Dan Shearer has been involved in Open Source since before it had the name. His career in open source projects started with Samba and related projects, and includes embedded, real-time, virtualisation and simulation codebases.


LumoSQL is a fork of SQLite, the embeddable database library founding everything from Android to iOS to Firefox. As a replacement for fopen(), SQLite is a good choice for singer-writer applications and disconnected, slow and small devices. Modern IoT and application use cases are increasingly multi-writer, fast, high-capacity and internet-connected, and LumoSQL aims to address these very different modern needs. LumoSQL initially aims to improving speed and reliability, by replacing the internal key-value store with LMDB, by updating and fixing a prototype from 2013. Next up we are designing the architecture for replacing the write-ahead log system (as used by all other open and closed source databases) with a single-level store, drawing on LMDB as an example of a single-level store in production at scale. Challenges so far involve code archeology, understanding and updating benchmarking, designing a system for keeping parity with upstream code changes, file format migration and identifying bugs in both SQLite and LMDB. In this talk we welcome questions and contributions. This conference has many SQLite users and developers. What do you want to see? Linux Australia: YouTube: