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  • Robert Collins

    Robert Collins

    Robert is a father, cat feeder, partner and software developer and operator. Probably in that order.He's been around a while.


Why was rustup slow (3m30s to install (not including download time)) in early 2019 on Windows, and why isn't it slow (14s to install) now? Early in 2019 I was developing some things in Rustlang on Windows, got frustrated at the performance of rustup (the installer for rust) and looked for bug. I found one which blamed a combination of NTFS, small files and anti-virus software for the problem. This wasn't an entirely satisfactory answer to my mind. Fast forward a bit, and with a combination of changes to rustup and to Windows itself and rustup is now pleasantly usable.... which also improved performance for rustup on NFS mounted home directories. I'd like to share with you the story of this experience as well as the technical constraints that drove both the poor performance and the solution we put in place, which has also helped rust-doc performance. Linux Australia: YouTube: