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  • David Tulloh

    David Tulloh

    David Tulloh is an electronics engineer with experience designing for mass production, the defence industry and most recently working for UNSW Space designing for satellites.


This tutorial will take you through the process of designing a circuit and PCB using Kicad. We will design a watering system relay controller, with wireless communication and solar power. From block diagram, to circuit, to PCB. This will be a guided journey, a Disney on rail adventure where the story, components and design have been prechosen for a cultivated, time controlled, experience. The focus will be on the use of the tools, eeschema to design the circuit and pcbnew to layout the PCB. You will be shown each technique then given time to practice it by finishing off the other elements while I circulate to assist. Awkward silences will be filled by discussions of the design decisions that have been taken, amusing anecdotes and opinionated advice on what consists of good design. Checkpoints with preprepared files for catchup will be provided in case you struggle in any particular area Please ensure that you have Kicad 5 installed and have tested that it runs, we will not have time during the session to fix faulty installs. You will also need an internet connection to be able to download preprepared files and pdf datasheets. Linux Australia: YouTube: