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  • Peter Chubb

    Peter Chubb

    Peter started using Unix in 1979 and never looked back ... his first open source contribution was in around 1987; he helped form the Sydney Linux user group; and is still active in operating systems kernels and low level systems software such as QMEU and U-Boot. He currently works with the Trustworthy Systems group in Data61, CSIRO. He has bachelor degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics, and a PhD in computer science.


Most of the high street electronics shops (with one notable exception) have closed down, so one has to order components online. But, resistors, capacitors and inductors are fairly easy to make, from materials commonly found around the house. Active elements to provide gain, or rectification, are a little harder to build,., but are possible. In this talk I'll show off home made capacitors, coils, resistors, and diodes, and describe my adventures in developing a radio receiver without using any commercial electronic components. I'll also try to describe the making of a negative resistance gain element. Linux Australia: YouTube: