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  • Marissa Takahashi

    Marissa Takahashi

    Marissa Takahashi is the manager of Digital Observatory at the Institute for Future Environments at Queensland University Technology. Digital Observatory is a research infrastructure that enable researchers to track and analyse big data on digital platforms like Twitter etc. Her current interest is on data governance in the digital age. She has worked as business developer and operations manager in the ICT industry for many years. She holds a PhD in Business Information Systems and MBA from the University of Queensland Business School in Australia. She also has MSc in Information Engineering from Kyushu Institute of Technology in Japan. She can be contacted at


Digitization of society has resulted in massive amount of digital data that can be collected for various purposes in both industry and academia. The increasing size and complexity of datasets and the increasing sophistication of analytical methods raise ethical questions especially as research agenda move beyond computational and natural sciences to more sensitive social aspects of human lives such as behaviour, interaction and health. It becomes increasingly urgent to strike a balance between the benefits of big data research and the ethical implications on human subjects who generate those digital data. This talk will discuss the issues involved in building a trusted ethical data infrastructure. These issues will be illustrated in a case study of the Digital Observatory, a data science platform in academic research. Linux Australia: YouTube: